Sunday, October 28, 2012

How to: Follow a Facebook LIst

If someone you know creates a public list, you can follow that list of Facebook pages and people who share information. It will show up as a news feed of all of the list members who are included on the list. Once you click "follow list" you can find it easily on the left hand side of your home screen on Facebook. Scroll down to find the Tab that says, "Interests."  All of the lists that you are following will show up there. Simply click the name of the list that you would like to see.

Follow the Elk Valley List here:

A couple of lists that you may find interesting are:
How to Social Media
Beyond the Secret
Elk Valley BC
11:11 Awakening Community
Peace In OUR Lifetime
Daily Inspiration 

You can also add public lists to your Interest list by searching topics here:
If you have any Social Media related questions, feel free to ask them here:
I will get back to you!

I hope this helps make your Social Media experience a little more fun!

No matter where on earth she is, Marcia is not very far away and is always happy to help, so feel free to connect with her online.
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Apex Power & Automation Ltd.
Peace in OUR Lifetime
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Sharing Social Media knowledge in order to make life easier and more productive! Humbly, Marcia 


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